Monday 29 August 2011

under construction, but still

my first posting, on my new blog, on the day i get my pretty new calling cards. my uncle over at created the logo and designed everything.
anyhoo, about this blog. it's not going to be about goingson around town, or what might be having the boob crew up in arms, toy safety or funky playgroups
it won't be about advice or scientific findings or the laboring woman's rights
it will just be about me
not even about my day to day adventures as a happy little sahm
again, just me
basically, i think i owe it to any mom, dad or plain old person who has my calling card in their hands. i'd like to know a teeny bit about the person i am thinking of calling to maybe possibly invite to participate in welcoming our new baby
so i will post a few pics of my family and ramble on about myself, in hopes that whoever is reading this be able to take a peek into my life before they decide to give me a ring
i will blog
ps. these postings are not translations. i write one in spanish, one in english. similar, but in no way a translation. just along the same lines. in case anyone thought i was a total nut or a really bad free for all translator

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